I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky

34 songs • 2 hours, 24 minutes
Format: CD, Book, Journal, etc.


I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky album project • CD format • All songs written by Bill Price This deluxe package includes: Two CDs of music with 2 hours and 24 minutes of music, a 120-page journal, a 160-page book of poems, short stories and essays related to the themes in the songs, two oversized 36-page lyric booklets, two posters, six stickers, five postcards, three buttons and a bookmark. All items are housed in a custom box/folder with an exterior paper wrap.  

Part One • Sun Up

    1. Impossibly Blue (A Cosmic Stew)
    2. Taking Aim #1
    3. Time Is Up
    4. Empty Out My Head
    5. Get Me Gone
    6. I Don’t Want to Come Home
    7. Tempting
    8. On the Dancer
    9. Paradox Parade Part 1
    10. Makes Me Feel Better
    11. River of Return
    12. What Can You Do?
    13. Heaven Collapse
    14. Our Lady of the Trampoline
    15. Hands Off!
    16. Out of the Shadows
    17. Hey Mister
Part Two • Sun Down
    1. Crazy Good/Crazy Bad
    2. Post Rain Redemption
    3. She’s Good Crazy
    4. King of a Hill
    5. Paradox Parade Part 2
    6. Hands Off! (Reprise)
    7. I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited
    8. Ran Out of Time
    9. Taking Aim #2
    10. Wild Saint
    11. Postcards from Where the Wild Things Are
    12. Any One of These
    13. If You’re Gonna Be the Sun
    14. What You Can Do
    15. Time Is Up (Reprise)
    16. Gratitude Is...
    17. Late