The Circus & The Gallows

The Circus & The Gallows

3-song CD single • 2007

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The Circus & The Gallows

3 songs • 16 minutes • 
Released 10.07
All songs written by Bill Price ©2007 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)

Song Samples

The Circus & The Gallows

by Bill Price | The Circus & The Gallows

Lookin' Crooked (Mannix Version)

by Bill Price | The Circus & The Gallows

Go Away Nicely

by Bill Price | The Circus & The Gallows

About the Recording

The Circus & The Gallows is a CD single with three original songs. Most of the recording was done in one big session on March 26, 2003. With exception of vocals and a couple of small parts, the recording was done live with all the musicians playing together. Released October, 2007.


1. The Circus & The Gallows

2. Lookin’ Crooked (Mannix Version)

3. Go Away Nicely


Produced by Michael Graham, Bill Price and Gordon Bonham
Recorded mixed and mastered at The Lodge by Michael Graham

Horn arrangements by Joshua Silbert

Garry Bole: Hammond organ
Gordon Bonham: Electric lead guitar and harmony vocals
Dan Dolan: Bass
Paul Holdman: Electric lead guitar
Bill Price: Acoustic and electric rhythm guitar and vocals
Jamey Reid: Drums
J. Wesley Smith: Piano and Wurlitzer electric piano
Jason Curry: Saxophone
Demian Hostetter: Trumpet
Joshua Silbert: Saxophone

The Artwork

The cover painting was done by Indiana artist, Jerry Mannell
Check out his work here: