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Set Lists

Digging Deeper Toward the Sky CD Release Show

The Digging Deeper Toward the Sky release show took place February 17, 2018 in Indianapolis.

Set 1: Time Is Up • The Circus & The Gallows • Get Me Gone • Tempting • Our Lady of the Trampoline • Ordinary Time • As They Come • Don’t Put the Child Away Too Long • Saint Ampersand • The Last Refugee • Election Day

Set 2: Waterfall #2 • Black Dog Blues • I Don’t Want to Come Home • Postcards from Where the Wild Things Are • Any One of These • Post Rain Redemption • Empty Out My Head • Wild Saint

Election Day Wins the Vote for Closer

When Bill Price and Grover Pardio performed 16 shows on their 2016 Tour of the Northwestern U.S., nearly every show was closed with a rousing version Election Day.

McMurtry Opening Set

Thursday, February 8, 2007, The Brains Behind Pa open for James McMurtry at the Lafayette Brewing Company in Lafayette, Indiana. The brief, seven-song set was as follows: Look Out Below, The Other Side of the River, Mudroom, Drowning of Thirst (dedicated to Rachel Carson and Molly Ivins), Cold Enough to Snow, Ugly Street and 'Til I'm Blind.

Earth Day Celebration • Downtown Indianapolis

Bill Price performed as part of the Earth Day Celebration in Indianapolis on Saturday, April 26, 2008. Guitarist Paul Holdman assisted. They performed six songs (in this order).

Election Day • The Sound of Many Waters • Drowning of Thirst • 40/40+ • Foot in the Dirt • Something About Skies of Blue...