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By Another Name

On March 2, 2014, Bill Price and His Band of Skeptics performed live in the studio for some YouTube promotional videos. The little, yellow-haired doll that you see on Bill’s guitar amplifier is known to some as a Troll Doll. Others know them as a Wishniks. According to Wikipedia, they are also known as Good Luck Trolls or Gonk Trolls in the UK. They are also known as Dam Dolls after their creator Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam, who created them in 1959. The one in the music video has belonged to Bill since childhood.

The Ghost of Giambattista

The typeface used on The Brains Behind Pa, Better for the Deal album cover and lyric booklet, is the classic, Bodoni. Several different fonts within the family are used (roman, italic, bold, etc.). The Bodoni typeface was designed by Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813) in 1798.

Early band names

In the early l990s, Bill Price and Mario Noche began performing as "The Mighty Quintessentials." Before they settled on that name, one of the many names they considered using was, "20,000 Acres of Soot." They didn't consider it very long.

Captain Clark could count!

Having left St. Louis in May of 1804, the Lewis & Clark expedition finally reached the Pacific Ocean, in November of 1805. William Clark had estimated their miles traveled daily, by good old-fashioned dead reckoning. He was off by a only 40 miles.