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New Four-song CD Single, The Sky Went Blue - Out Now

THE SKY WENT BLUE - The new CD single is now available. The Sky Went Blue was recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Graham at The Lodge Studios in Indianapolis. The band features Sarah Grain (harmony vocals), Paul Holdman (lead guitar), Bill Mallers (Hammond organ, accordion), Grover Parido (cello), Bill Price (vocals, rhythm guitars, bouzouki), Jamey Reid (drums) and Jeff Stone (bass).

The CD includes three B-sides: She’s Good Crazy, I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited and Late. All three songs were recorded live at the Irving Theater on November 13, 2016.

The Sky Went Blue was slated for inclusion in the I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky project, but ultimately omitted. It wasn’t recorded until several years after the Sky project was finished.

Several extraneous songs from that project exist. Five of them that are more acoustic-based and narrative in nature, found their way onto the EP, Digging Deeper Toward the Sky, released in 2017. Price says the new single, The Sky Went Blue, did not lend itself to either the large Sky project or the Digging Deeper Toward the Sky EP. “Production-wise and thematically, The Sky Went Blue was aligned with the Sky project, but lyrically, it’s kind of a partial summary, written in the past tense,” Price explains. “So it didn’t work very well in terms of the flow of ideas. The themes tend to unfold as you listen through the project—supporting the idea of a journey. There just wasn’t a spot for it that made sense to me. But I really like the song and wanted to record it and release it.”