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New Recordings, Videos & Performances

THE SKY WENT BLUE - A new CD single has been recorded. The Sky Went Blue was written by Bill Price for the I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky project, but was not included in it. “I really like this song, but the fact that it’s written in the past tense, means it doesn't flow quite right in the evolution of ideas in the project. It’s more of a look back at the experience, whereas most of the project takes place in the present tense,” Price says.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Graham at The Lodge Studios in Indianapolis. The band features Sarah Grain (harmony vocals), Paul Holdman (lead guitar), Bill Mallers (Hammond organ, accordion), Grover Parido (cello), Bill Price (vocals, rhythm guitars, bouzouki), Jamey Reid (drums) and Jeff Stone (bass).

The CD will include three B-sides: She’s Good Crazy, I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited and Late. All three songs were recorded live at the Irving Theater on November 13, 2016. Look for an official release sometime in early/mid 2020.

LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS - Six songs from the previously mentioned Irving Theater show are currently being edited for release. Jim Geiman is responsible for the filming and editing of I Don’t Want to Come Home, I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited, Postcards from Where the Wild Things Are, She’s Good Crazy, Post Rain Redemption and Late. Michael Graham is mixing the audio. Look for these on YouTube soon.

KICKING ANGELS - Recordings of two new Bill Price songs were started at The Lodge Studios in Indianapolis under the supervision of engineer Michael Graham. Kicking Angels and 50 Miles from No Place have been started. A third song is being considered. The songs are being recorded for a potential vinyl 45” release sometime in 2020. More to come on this little project.