Skeptic's Lullaby

Words and music by Bill Price

Listless congregations sliding down the slope
The search for inspiration - the harvest of the hope
You brag of battles won - you speak of little lost
But you're standing 'round like cattle, son - can't you comprehend the cost?

You believe the day is coming when all will be pure
The lion loves the lamb and every sickness has a cure
But me, I am not so sure

You see it when you're traveling - you hear it in the bar
People's lives they are unraveling - relationships bizarre
Now men they drink their madness and curse their jezebel
While the women bathe in sadness - tell themselves it's just as well

They're convinced that in the end, marriage will mature
That through the hate and flame, only love can endure
But me, I am not so sure

With the eye of a skeptic
Turned toward the sun
You know I don't expect it
To last forever - its life someday will be done

I've played the devil's advocate but I'll be the angels' aid
I'll do the dance of the delegate despite the bells betrayed
Twisted trusts and broken promises - all your pitches and your pleas
Are just breeding doubting Thomases who'll doubt your guarantees

You tell me not to worry - happiness can be assured
That with the proper policy my hopes will be secure
But me, well, I am not so sure

© 2009 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)