Running Still

Words and music by Bill Price

Windows on the world - I see the blinds pulled down
Institutions mixed identity - city fathers or circus clowns

She's been my lady for so long
As heartless and helpless as headstrong

She's been running for the neon and the thrill
She's been running so hard - she's running still

Thesis of baby talk - a stab at fortune and fame
But a sphere of backyard influence - brings only neighborhood acclaim

I've been living next door for so long
But a wishful name can't hide the wrong

She's been running - moving out to make the kill
She's been running so long - she's running still

No taxi ride without a fare
The city limits are all upstairs
All the patrons and the matrons are all so unaware

Mask of the maiden hiding the teeth of a thief
Light behind the eyes - a crooked smile - a crooked chief

They'll miss the mark when it's gone
She'll say she knew it all along

She's been running - but remaining unfulfilled
She's been running in one spot - running still

© 2006 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)