Queen of the Martyrs

Words and music by Bill Price

She's posing like a portrait in the museum of fears
Framed by disappointments and velvet veneer
Her eyes are pools of jewels that could not produce a tear
I took a tour through her heart like a melting musketeer

Out on the fringes finding means to adjust
Her reign is a rough one - it's paradise or bust

She hands out the tickets for the ship that she charters
She's standing at the wheel - she's queen of the martyrs

Her kingdom is her solace and although it's very small
From shadow to sorrow, she controls it all
Hers is the sword of justice - hers is the sword of Saul
Commissioned contradictions like tapestries line the wall

Nothing is within unless it is without
Nothing is for sure unless it is in doubt

She hands out the wisdom for we all shall be smarter
She's the master of disaster - she's queen of the martyrs

A troubadour in the ink black night
Calls on the queen - she calls off the fight
He sends the mystery to meet her and she sends out her knight
And the mystery's slain by her majesties' spite

The duke and the duchess of danger and despair
Caress and bless her court and wine and dine the heir
Her royal line's expiring - it's sealed in solitaire
There's no forever after - it's miles beyond repair

Witches and wizards plot to do her harm
Rust and rebellion tarnish her coat of arms

Peaceful exile could be her own, but she don't barter
She's stoic on the throne - she's queen of the martyrs

© 2006 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)