Postcards from Where the Wild Things Are

Words and music by Bill Price

Greetings from the picturesque - where the holy word is yes
The march of time, the length of days, seldom stalks and never preys

Where rivers flow - pulsing pure - smoothing every scar
Where the wild things are

I'm having a wonderful time - a fortune's worth a hobo's dime
Thunder claps - thunder cheers - whirlwinds whisper and the mountains hear

Where a stone has much to tell - like a postcard
From where the wild things are

Oh, how I wish you were here - safe among the steep and sheer
The earth's eye is my mirror - electric life in the atmosphere

To see a hawk soar below - that is to know
What the wild things know

No, I won't be home soon - I'm the wayward son - I'm the prodigal moon
Where I am, I arrive - among the poor, so alive

Spirits move - and every heartbeat is a landmark
Where the wild things are

I'm already home - where sky and water are cool and clear
And so maybe I was born here

© 2015 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)