Ordinary Time

Words and music by Bill Price

High heels are standing in the corner
Formal wear for faded clothes
Umbrella's folded in the closet
She's got the mud between her toes

'Cause when the rain falls down, it clears her head
Those dragons of depression breathing fire and repression are now sleeping by the fire - peaceful as a puppy instead - a drop of rain a watershed

You can't believe the situation
Seven hours on the plane
Your little girl asks constant questions
Soon you'll be landing, soon insane

When it's time for bed she says “I love you so”
It makes you wonder what you missed - what else was on her list when she asked what makes the blue sky blue or the righteous river want to flow - too late - you're never gonna know

Trained by the tick and tock
It's hard to see the sign
To unchain the clock
And see the sublime in ordinary time

I love my mutt - I rub her belly
Her eyes are rolled back in her head
A canine version of nirvana
A simple gift - a loaf of bread

She's so at peace, I tend to forget
That her bliss cannot be matched by any mantra heaved or hatched by any preacher, teacher, guru you knew sitting on a mountain in Tibet - I'm gonna place that bet

Trained by the tick and tock
It's the shiver of chimes
To unchain the clock
And see the divine in ordinary time
Just ordinary time

The saintly condition - it's rustic, worn and wood
You don't get there overnight - when you do it's understood
It takes ordinary time

© 2017 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)