Words and music by Bill Price

I'm standing in the mudroom - wiping off my shoes
Wiping off the mud - wiping off these blues
I'm standing in the mudroom - but I won't be in here long
Standing in the mudroom - wiping off all your dirty wrongs

I was walking down your dirt road when the sky began to rain
My feet they got heavy - heavy with the pain
But I've stepped into my mudroom and I'm doing the redemption shuffle
It's looking like my feet are involved in some filthy kinda scuffle

Dancing in the mudroom - twist and shout
Dancing in the mudroom - until I wipe your demons out

I used to travel lightly all around this town
My steps they had a spring but now they're weighted down
I was walking right behind you - just my luck
I was walking where you'd spoken - I stepped and then it stuck

There's mud and filth and grime - everybody knows
Even kings and queens have had it - it's everywhere you go
But the muck that's stuck to me don't make me brown, it makes me blue
I'm retracing my footprints and they all lead back to you

Dancing in the mudroom - jitterbug
Dancing in the mudroom - since I met you, I really cut a rug

Now the neighbors kinda wonder - they gossip and they fret
They see me dancing in my mudroom but they ain't heard no music yet
Well I tell them not to worry - it's only right, it can't be wrong
Everybody needs a mudroom - sometimes life's a dirty, muddy song

Dancing in the mudroom - hippy hippy shake
Dancing in the mudroom - sets me free - goodness sake

© 2006 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)