She's Good Crazy

Words and music by Bill Price

This woman's out of her head - wears a snorkel to bed - she's crazy
She goes by Ethel or Jane - won't come in from the rain - she's crazy
She took a trip to the moon - never left the room - she's crazy

Plays a harp and a gong - she's wired up wrong
A couple sandwiches short - her mind's not in port
She's crazy

She needed needle and thread - she used rivets instead - she's crazy
She's got cellophane curtains - I'm fairly certain - she's crazy
She's bought twenty-two squid - you won't believe what she did - she's crazy

She names every bug - but all of them Doug
She's half a bubble off plumb - no one knows how come
She's crazy - this woman's crazy

She's a couple wafers short of a communion
Her elevator - it don't go to the top
She's out to lunch, but I just can't drop
This crazy woman

She always drives in reverse in a polka-dot hearse - she's crazy
They said she's 5150 - she just said, "Nifty" - she's crazy
Some marbles are missing - makes for really strange kissing - she's crazy

She's out of her gourd, but she's never bored
She's well off her nut - I really love her but
She's crazy

Man, she's crazy
Maybe I'm crazy - you know I could be crazy
But it's a real, real good crazy

© 2015 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)