Empty Out My Head

Words and music by Bill Price

...so she says, "I know you - I can read you like a book"
I said, "Then you must comprehend all the tolerance it took"

You flip-flop - slipslop
This hullabaloo - big hoop-dee-do
Your mishmash - it's balderdash

If you read, you must remember way back in chapter four
You tripped into my story line - made my comedy a bore

Your facts are flawed - whopperjawed
I take no stock - in your poppycock
Hogwash - oh my gosh

She said, he said - filling up my head

You're the reason I don't read fiction - you're the truth that fact forgot
Your life's a page upon the stage, living out an idiot plot

I read your book - all gobbledygook
Your paper cut - is your scuttlebutt
Each paragraph - what a laugh

She read, he read - filling up my head

In my head, I'm out of space
Have I lost the last empty place?

So read me and review me with your cursive hand of strife
But don't edit out your part in mine - you can't abridge real life

Fisticuffs - enough's enough
I'll do the same - clear my name
Mental floss - total loss

She read, he said - empty out my head

© 2015 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)