Election Day

Words and music by Bill Price

Rainman wakes in the morning to the smell of rain
Conductor wakes to the whistle on that long-gone train
It's rattling and rumbling in his head - bouncing 'round his brain

Aunt Ruthie has enough and so she takes a stand
Forty-four years of an iron fist she confronts her man
There's comfort in history, but today history ain't in her plans - ain't in her plans

She's seen them running - You'll see them running too
Some are muddy deceivers - some are blue-sky true
It doesn't matter either way - it's still election day

Moody Monday comes and sets the pace
Friday night is freedom and it fights for space
Like dinner on Sunday finds your chair - and sets you in your place

Sergeant breaks his Bible, finds a forget-me-not
There's a bulld in his pistol that remains unshot
What hits him now and where he aims it isn't where he thought - or for what he fought

He's seen them running - You'll see them running too
Sometimes there are many - sometimes just two
All year long - June back to May - every day is election day

That liar's cloud it may deceive you, mislead you to abstain
But indecision, like the rust - loathes the light and loves the rain

Rainman wakes in the morning and sees the sun
Conductor leaves the station on track twenty-one
The sun is shining in his eyes as he pulls away from everything that he's done

So you hear your name whispered on that westbound wind
Feel the future prick you like a pin on skin
It's curling up your blood and it makes you feel like a kid again - just like a kid again

You've seen them running - I've seen them running too
Was it your choice or was it made for you?
Sunny, warm, cold, blue or gray - it's still election day

© 2009 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)