On the Dancer

Words and music by Bill Price

I was dazzled in the doorway as I watched her unwind
Like a maestro's daughter bathed in self-respect
She forever always saw me outside the valentine
In a dance of desperation, what else could I expect?

Reaching for my hand, she somehow touched my heart
She crossed my palm with silver lining every cloud
When the chimes did start, she raised the blind and killed the dark
While choirs sang clich├ęs where no talking was allowed

Step lightly with the sounds - Step lightly out of bounds
Step lightly to your part - Step lightly on my heart

River roads and steamboats melt against her face
She had no use for umbrellas - I figured that was good
Deeper wells were being dug but no one ever stumbled on the place
Where not a word was spoken but all was understood

Backstage in the shadows an exit seemed so certain
She picked up her passport but left a laugh behind
It echoed among the ropes and in the curves behind the curtain
Where actors rehearse romantic and trip upon their lines

Step lightly and profound - Step lightly out of town
Step lightly to your part - Step lightly on my heart

Skipping rope was full of fanfare - she saw the motion as an art
She kicked off her shoes and said, "I love to feel the mud between my toes"
But she sidestepped my questions, and with ease, she skipped that part
Then with royalty and rudeness struck an introductory pose

We're keeping time to different tunes but we're still under that same sun
While machinery and history ail me with no answer
I'm now hidden in the open singing like a duo minus one
The curtain rises nightly and the spotlight begins to shine... on the dancer

Let it shine, let it shine, the sun is hers, the sun is mine
Let it shine, let it shine, the sun is yours, the sun is fine

© 2015 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)