City of Indians

Words and music by Bill Price

Sisters of history mapping out their souls
Shadows on the silos - bridge keepers take their toll
We got maniacs on main street - lynching loyalty outside of town
I've been a witness to the witch hunt - I've seen preservation drowned

The crossroads and the crucifix - they are symbols bleed divine
But if they become an obstacle and suddenly confine
They'll liberate with honor, all the burdens left behind
Show a shiny reputation - praise the plastic, plow the pine

In this city of Indians - city of bone
City of promises gone

There's a wrecking ball on the loose - fire fuels the revenue
Pipes that smoke no longer - no jazz upon the avenue
They think they build but they destroy - bricks and bronze and buried dreams
Greener grasses lie ahead - at least that's the way it always seems

In this city of Indians - city of gold
City of treasures sold

Like a holy war
A contradiction of terms forevermore

The big chief lights the lamp and sheds the glow upon the new
Handshakes and negotiations - fix the seal and set the glue
Monuments and sailors - soldiers sweat the grunt and grime
We reap their field and freedom and desecrate them every time

In the city of Indians - city of gloss
City of history lost

© 2006 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)