Last Word

The Sky Went Blue 03.31.20

Currently, most of the United States is under a “stay at home” order due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The situation has given many of us some time to reflect. As we find our movements restricted and our busy schedules slowed down, hopefully, most of us will take the opportunity to count our blessings instead of counting our complaints. Engaging with others online is no doubt, having to suffice for lack of real, face to face interactions for many.

The Sky Went Blue is a song that was left unused from my I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky project. It’s now been recorded and with three live tracks as B-sides, will soon be released. Since the song was inspired by a trip to the American West—the same trip that inspired the larger Sky project—I included a few lines from my journal of that trip as liner notes.

I’ve decided to reproduce a longer version here so they can be read in the fuller context of the journal. This particular passage is from day twenty-two. By then, I was nearly back home and already doing some reflecting about my experiences over the previous three weeks. That trip involved a lot driving, hiking, visiting Lewis & Clark historic sites and the inevitable interacting with strangers. While much of the inspiration on that trip was a result of wilderness and the incredible western sky, it turns out the interaction with strangers was more important than I initially realized. 

Perhaps our current situation will result in a similar revelation. That our everyday interactions with real people—our families, neighbors and co-workers—are what’s most important. For, if those of us who find ourselves in this strange dilemma are fortunate enough to live through it intact, then we will not only have outlived a deadly virus, but we’ll have learned a much deeper lesson about how to live.