Friends & Fans

Gordon Bonham •
There's a lot to discover on Gordon's web site. Find out the latest on The Gordon Bonham Blues Band, Gordon's solo shows, his duo performances with both Jim Richter and Jess Richmond, as well as his other musical endeavors like Soul Bus.

Paul Holdman •
A wonderfully gifted guitarist, Paul has been involved with Bill Price on several recordings as well as accompanying him on the occasional acoustic duo gig. Check out Paul's web site for information about his jazz album, "Out of My Hands" as well as information about his band, The Womblies.

Peter Holmstedt •
Publicity (Europe). Peter's company, Hemifran handles the publicity in Europe for Bill Price and The Brains Behind Pa.

Michael Graham •
The "main man" at The Lodges Studios in Indianapolis, Michael has been involved with multiple projects for Bill Price and The Brains Behind Pa. He's a multi-talented person, skilled in engineering, producing and mixing. Check out The Lodge web site for more information.

The Loncaric Media Group •
Video production company run by Dave Loncaric. Dave is responsible for shooting and editing The Brains Behind Pa videos "Live at The Benton House."

Ars Nova Interactive, Inc. •
Ars Nova is an Indianapolis web development company. Their projects range from web design to online application development.