The Sky Went Blue • Bill Price

4 songs • 15 minutes
Released 09.19

All songs written by Bill Price ©2019 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)

1. The Sky Went Blue
2. She’s Good Crazy (live version)
3. I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited (live version)
4. Late (live version)

The Sky Went Blue is a CD single with one new original studio recording and three live songs. The Sky Went Blue was originally written as part of the larger I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky project, but was not included. The three live tracks were recorded at the Irving Theater in Irvington, Indiana on November 13, 2016. Released August, 2019.

Musicians for The Sky Went Blue studio recording:

  • Sarah Grain: Harmony Vocals
  • Paul Holdman: Electric Lead Guitar
  • Bill Mallers: Hammond Organ, Accordion
  • Grover Parido: Cello
  • Bill Price: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Bouzouki
  • Jamey Reid: Drums
  • Jeff Stone: Bass