Digging Deeper Toward the Sky • Bill Price

5 songs • 26 minutes
Released 10.17

All songs written by Bill Price ©2017 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)

1. Ordinary Time
2. As They Come
3. Don't Put the Child Away Too Long
4. Saint Ampersand
5. The Last Refugee

Digging Deeper Toward the Sky is the follow-up EP to the I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky project. "The songs are about the same themes, but they didn't really fit—not only in terms of space, but in terms of style," Price says. While the I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky project is much more open-ended lyrically and more varied in song style and instrumentation, these five new songs are much more direct and acoustic-based. They are more along the lines of what most people would term "singer-songwriter."

Produced by Bill Price and Michael Graham
Recorded mixed and mastered at The Lodge by Michael Graham
Released October, 2017

  • Garry Bole: Mandolin, Hammond Organ
  • Michael Clark: Dobro
  • Stasia Demos: Harmony Vocals
  • Paul Holdman: Cittern, Electric Lead Guitar
  • Allison Irvine: Violin
  • Grover Parido: Cello
  • Bill Price: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Hammond Organ, Harmonica
  • Jamey Reid: Drums, Percussion
  • Jeff Stone: Electric Bass, Upright Bass