Bones & Apples • Bill Price

16 songs • 72 minutes
Released 07.03

All songs written by Bill Price ©2003 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)

1. Wild-eyed and Blue
2. Hid in the Shadow of His Hand
3. Big Numbers
4. 40/40+
5. Wooden Indian
6. The Autonomous Waltz
7. Miracle Moon
8. Bound to Save Us All
9. Howling at the Moon
10. Hollow Wheel
11. Within Without
12. Black Dog Blues
13. The Sound of Many Waters
14. Ghostman
15. Something About Skies of Blue...
16. Wild-eyed and Blue Reprise

Bones & Apples is the first Bill Price "solo" release and contains 15 original songs. Much of the subject matter touches on the idea of identity - both within an individual and in relation to our country and world. The songs attempt to ask what a "profit at all costs" mindset and what the potential loss of uniqueness means to both our culture and our environment and how our spiritual beliefs (both Judeo/Christian and Native American) might guide us in relation to these issues. It was recorded between 2000 and 2002. Released July, 2003.

  • Garry Bole - Accordion and Hammond C-3 organ
  • Gordon Bonham - National steel guitar, electric and acoustic guitar
  • Dan Dolan - Bass guitar
  • Francie Heimburger - Harmony vocals
  • Paul Holdman - Electric guitar and bazouki
  • Rusty Humphrey - Arco bass
  • Bill Price - Acoustic and electric 6 & 12-string guitars, mandolin, bazouki, Hammond C-3 organ, harmonium, piano and vocals Jamey Reid - Drums and percussion