Brains Behind Pa

Brains Behind Pa behind dancing girl

Along the Trail of the Buffalo • Highlights

  • 2000 Gordon Bonham and Bill Price form The Brains Behind Pa and quickly add Garry Bole to the lineup to form an acoustic trio.
  • 01/02 The Brains Behind Pa record and release their acoustic debut CD, Old Hat. It contains seven traditional folk and blues songs and receives airplay on college and independent radio stations across the U.S. and Europe.
  • 2003 A rhythm section is added to the original trio, to create a full, five-piece band.
  • 05/06 Jeff Stone joins the band on bass. Their second album, Better for the Deal is recorded and released. It contains 15 original songs, inspired by the band's many influences. The record receives airplay on independent radio, especially in Europe and the Scandanavian countries where is favorably and frequently reviewed.
  • 2009 The band films an intimate concert at The Benton House, an historic home in Indianapolis.
  • 2010 Two songs from The Benton House concert ("Get Back Home" and "The Other Side of the River") are mixed, edited and posted on YouTube
  • 2019 Recording sessions begins for a new album.