Brains Behind Pa

Brains Behind Pa, live

Some able-bodied men...

The Brains Behind Pa is, but is not limited to:

Garry Bole: An accomplished multi-instrumentalist adept on, piano, mandolin, accordion and organ. Garry's unique style and versatility helps add the "color and texture" to their music.

Gordon Bonham: One of the most respected bluesmen in the midwest. The Gordon Bonham blues band has opened shows for blues legends such as Koko Taylor and B.B. King, and has played countless blues festivals. Gordon's soulful playing, tasteful guitar tone, and harmony vocals add a true earthiness to the band.

Bill Price: The creative force behind the band. A singer/songwriter who plays guitar and harmonica. Bill's unique voice and honest delivery complement his vision and songwriting perspective for this band.

Jeff Stone: An incredibly solid and versatile bass play. Jeff is one of the most sought after bassmen in Indiana for both live and studio work.