Brains Behind Pa

Brains Behind Pa, live

Twas in the City of Indians, in the spring of '01...

The Brains Behind Pa play both traditional and original music. They perform traditional songs with a certain essence and attempt to recreate some of that same essence in their original work. It's music that embodies energy, integrity, wit and soul. Their CD of traditional music "Old Hat," released in 2002, received airplay on independent and college radio all across the US and in Europe. Their most recent CD, "Better For The Deal" has fifteen original songs, and has also received a warm reception from independent radio.

The Brains Behind Pa was formed in 2001 when the paths of bluesman, Gordon Bonham and songwriter, Bill Price crossed. Formed as a side project, The Brains Behind Pa quickly became a trio with the addition of Garry Bole. The material was originally Dylan-based, covering his songs plus those whom he covered. The band expanded with the addition of Jeff Chapin on drums and Jeff Stone on bass.