Useless Trivia


Getting the Lead Out

The clanking percussion sound you hear on beats two and four on the recording of Empty Out My Head, is Jamey Reid striking a steam radiator with a lead pipe.

Donald Fagen, The Brains Behind Pa and The API

All of the Bill Price and The Brains Behind Pa records have been recorded in Studio A at The Lodge Studios in Indianapolis using the API (Automated Processes Incorporated) console. A modified model 2280, this particular console was built in 1979, was used by Donald Fagen to record his The Nightfly album (released in 1982) and was purchased second-hand by The Lodge in 1993.

Snare drum and guitar on Ugly Street

For the recording of Ugly Street from the The Brains Behind Pa album, Better for the Deal, Jeff Chapin removed the "snare" portion of his snare drum, giving it a more hollow sound.

Bill Price played a 2001 Rickenbacker 620 (Desert Gold) for the rhythm guitar track.