Old News

Problem was, I liked what was rattling around inside my head out there on I-90. The inspiration didn't stop when I passed over the Montana border, crossed the Mississippi River or arrived home in Indiana. Eventually, an additional four songs—songs thematically related to the Sky project—were written and recorded. But these songs did not fit well in terms of style or lyrics. Unlike most of the Sky songs, they are more acoustic-based and lyrically direct. What to do with them?
The Digging Deeper Toward the Sky book was intended to be a kind of companion to the project. I decided to include the lyrics in that book and release the songs later—a collection unto itself. Like the book, these songs are a companion to the larger project and meant to help you dig a bit deeper toward the sky.

The recordings took place at The Lodge Recording in Indianapolis with Michael Graham engineering and co-producing the tracks with. Learn more about the recordings here.


Bill Price to perform as part of the 2016 Montana Book Festival.

Bill Price (with Grover Parido) will be performing a selection of songs from I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky as well as reading excerpts from the project's accompanying journal and book, Digging Deeper Toward the Sky.