Old News

Initially, the idea was to expand both musically and lyrically from the last album (2009's With the Eye of a Skeptic)—to pursue a more eclectic and experimental route. Although that approach was working well, the problem was the song selection. Price explains, "I had too much material and couldn't seem to hone it down to one CD. Eventually, through some happy accidents and the realization that I already had some common themes running through my songs, the project evolved into a thematic double CD and beyond."

Even though the project was not initially envisioned as a thematic one with additional writings etc., it evolved into exactly that. The themes and songs seemed to worked together well in this context. "I eventually realized that with just a few additional new songs and tweaking some lyrics here and there, that this could be a pretty unique and cohesive project," Price explains.

Some of the themes Price explores include: time, home, childhood, grace, forgiveness, truth and paradox. "The lyrics are fairly abstract." Price says. "I don't anticipate doing a lot of explanation about what they all mean. The songs were written with plenty of lyrical spaces, allowing the listener to sneak in and inhabit them for awhile and see what they mean to them." All of the pieces, whether musical or literary, are meant to support each other but stand on their own as well. There are three major nature metaphors running through the piece as well as a little boy who seems to reappear as the voice of wisdom. Price says, "He's an 'out of the mouth of babes' kind of element and a nod to the innocence of childhood."

While there's not a narrative per se, there is an evolution of thought that takes place over the course of the songs. The project is presented as a journey and the songs are organized in eleven "dispatches," much like chapters in a book or acts in a play. A dreamlike story runs through the lyric booklets in between the dispatches, encouraging the reader/listener to think of the process as a journey.