Old News


"I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky" Nearing Completion

Much has happened since the last installment concerning the next Bill Price album. Titled, "I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky," the album is a thematic piece with 33 new, original songs and will run a bit over 2:20 on two CDs. 21 different musicians and singers performed on the project. The songs are mixed and are ready for the mastering process.

Here is some background about the project from an upcoming press release: Traveling in the western United States in 2010, with an eye to both the past and future, looking within and without, down at the earth and perhaps most importantly, up at the sky, Bill Price has discovered and rediscovered some essential ideas about life. Those ideas–that trip's resulting revelations as well as its mysteries are the inspiration behind "I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky."

Plans for the package include the two CDs, a reproduction of a journal kept during the 2010 trip, extensive lyric booklets, a companion book of additional, related writing and some other goodies.

There will be much, much more to come on this project within the first half of 2015. Stay tuned.