Old News


Digging Deeper Toward the Sky is out now.

Bill Price has released his seventh recording—the five-song EP titled, Digging Deeper Toward the Sky. While meant to stand on its own, the EP is also intended to be a follow-up to his ambitious previous release, I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky, and in fact, has the same title as the book of stories, essays and poems included in the larger project.

"The songs are about the same themes, but they didn't really fit—not only in terms of space, but in terms of style," Price says. While the big project is much more open-ended lyrically and more varied in song style and instrumentation, the five new songs are much more direct and acoustic-based. They are more along the lines of what most people would term "singer-songwriter."

Price explains in the liner notes of Digging Deeper Toward the Sky:

While driving back east through southwestern Montana one glorious afternoon, I began to develop the melody and lyrics for a quirky song that became Don't Put the Child Away Too Long. Normally, that would be a good thing. This time, it created a dilemma. The songs for I Can't Stop Looking at the Sky, though not yet released, were already recorded. That project—at least the recording aspect of it—was finished. After investing so much effort on exploring its themes (including childhood), I swore that I would switch gears and start writing about other topics.