The Sound of Many Waters

Words and music by Bill Price

When you hear a thousand trumpets like the sound of many waters
Will you know it's another ancient warning voice?
Or would you turn your ears aside - would you turn back the bride
Make your decision like you even have a choice?

Now you stand before him on the eve of the seventh Sunday
You're like a rag-tag flag in the wind
But he'll have nothing new - he'll have no quick fix for you
'Cause he knows where you're going - worst of all he knows where you've been

For years you played the harlot and I have been the fool
To think there was another chance
But the sky is growing dark and they're christening the ark
And I see the end of your right-field romance

There's a raindrop in the eye of a statue in the garden
It's reflecting the look upon your face
Now your kind have run their course and so you call upon the source
And you stand there expecting some kind of saving grace

I wish that mortal man - even as he tries
To scrape the blame right off of his plate
That no matter what his load, at the end of his road
Would realize that he's the one who'll paint his fate

But you still believe that old solution up your sleeve
That money could turn back the hurricane
But there's a cloud above the land and there's a soldier's bleeding hands
And now we're only moments from the bursting of the rain

I hear the trumpets blow - like the sound of many waters

I hear them blowing in the night - blowing in the light
Blowing with the might of a thousand pale-white horses

Bringing to the child - ringing through the wild
Revealing to the anguished, the angry and defiled

A truth sharper than a spear, that's piercing the profiteer
That's flowing through the fears that are pouring just like tears

From the eyes that cannot stare at the beauty that we share
That's crashing down these canyon walls echoing like the sound of many waters

© 2003 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)