Miracle Moon

Words and music by Bill Price

An infant's sudden death - a brother's blackened breath
A maiden is shrouded in heartache
A river's fatal flood - a pirate's poisoned blood
Destroying your dreams like an earthquake

Nature knocks unaware - disaster deals despair
On TV they said it was an act of God
Strip their media mask - step outside and bask
Expose yourself to a real act of God

Meet me under the miracle moon
Discover that no one's immune
We'll stand hand in hand and make a thousand plans under the miracle moon

Heavy hearts hesitate - they feel the gravity and weight
Healing is an open prairie
Not a soldier's sad disgrace, but a mother's warm embrace
Her arms wrapping the child in a sanctuary

Meet me under the miracle sun
Divine intervention's just begun
We'll stand face to face and feel the grace under the miracle sun

I remember you - how you fractured my facade
Your approach to me - it struck me more than just odd
I guess it was just you playing God

Not the species now extinct or the forests on the brink
But the eyes that are open and forgiven
Not a madman heaving hate or the devil's own debate
But how the unaccusing stay driven

Meet me under the miracle moon
Discover that not even you are immune
We'll stand arm in arm and feel the charm under the miracle moon

© 2003 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)