Look Out Below

Words and music by Bill Price

A monkey whispered in my ear - what the circus could not hear
He said, "It ain't rope - it sure ain't hope - this big top's raised with fear"

There's trouble at the top - when the good life starts to stop
Up on high, they won't deny, the foot has got to drop

Oh look out below

A parrot testified as he looked up to the sky
He said, "Their song I've sung since I was young, but it's never me that flies"

They're pleased when the pigs convert - those keepers of the hurt
They say, "The faceless are not graceless, but they don't mind the dirt"

Oh look out below

You know the way it works - the privileged get the perks
Some oppress and some I guess are nothing more than jerks

She'll wish you all the best - even welcome you as guests
But the queen won't say, "Guests don't stay" - you're going back with all the rest

Oh look out below

Two thousand years behind
Our hearts trail our minds

Two thousand reasons why
Everybody passes by

The captain of the stuff heard the pirate call his bluff
When he said, "I lie and thieve, but I do believe enough can be enough"

A bullet in the thigh - a mother's violet eye
Oh there but for the grace of God go I

Oh look out below

© 2006 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)