Hollow Wheel

Words and music by Bill Price

I never thought I'd be the one defending the good old days
When atrocities ran side by side with disease and dismay
After all, I can't forget it's the past that has brought us where we are
But I'm siding with the cynic - thinking in some ways we've gone too far

Hollow wheel - passing the past just to expand
Hollow wheel - on course for the wonderland
Hollow wheel - racing for the souls we swap
Hollow wheel - will it ever stop

I feel it breathing down my neck - a deceptive, devil's voice speaking of
Castles furnished with fantasy, money, power, lust, but never love
But now the wind in South Dakota moves my mind and vision to the sky
When migrations flooded the air - now they're gone and I know why

You see, there's this hollow wheel revolving fast to meet demand
Hollow wheel - robbing riches under hand
Hollow wheel - inventions on which we now depend
Hollow wheel - will it ever end

Dances with demons rule the night
But conversations with angels filled with light
That's what we need tonight

The chief he heard the ticking of the white man's timepiece
And he spoke the words of simple beauty that nearly brought me to my knees
He said, "The only beating thing we have to mark our time of day
Is the beating of our singing hearts" - what else can you say*

Hollow wheel - rolling through this life and land
Hollow wheel - takes our children by the hand
Hollow wheel - spinning sameness piece by piece
Hollow wheel - will it ever cease

© 2003 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)