Words and music by Bill Price

Of all the lovers that beat the clock, all the best have been around the block
They don't rent - they always own
But a marriage that's got no visible quirks is like a house that don't need work
A model house just ain't no home
We make our bed like we build our house, take the lot with the view like we take our spouse
Brick or wood, small or big
A bungalow, a tipi or a ranch, a castle or a cabin - it's a home romance
The shelter of our love, that's our digs

We've been around like a big old house
We got a past like a big old house

Right now our love is like a fixer-upper
There's a long, long list of things we have to do
Like fixing feelings - like fixing supper
Every day there are chores for me and you

Peeling paint and the curtains worn thin, a broken door where the past blows in
A deadbolt busted and the words they flew
A nagging faucet that always drips, a hazy mirror where you pout your lips
Some renovation is overdue
A creaking floor that tests your nerve, like the times when we both just won't swerve
Two stubborn minds like rusty screws
When the fridge kicks on and the dryer dies, even though it's no surprise
That's the time we blow a fuse

We show our wear like a big old house
We fall apart like a big old house

I guess our love is just a fixer-upper
Things are breaking down everywhere
So we fix our feelings and we fix each other
A never-ending list of repairs

The basement's dark and it's always damp but we can stop the leak we can light a lamp
A bit more mortar between the bricks
That antique tub has overflown like the pain gone by that we both have known
But there ain't nothin' that we can't fix
We fix the furnace and it keeps us warm, patch our roof - weather the storm
That's nothing new in this dusty space
Our foundation is fast and firm - historic might be the term
It's old but there's love built in this place

We're still around like a big old house
We were built to last like a big old house

You see, our love is like a fixer-upper
There's a long, long list of things I want to do
Like loving you like I love no other
There ain't no end to my love for you

© 2009 Mr. Quill Music (BMI)