Last Word

"I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited," Revisited 11.14.15

A facebook posting from November 14, 2015 @ 10:25pm

Yesterday I re-posted some information about my new project and a video of one of the songs (I Want to Hold Your Hand Revisited). I really appreciate the positive comments about the song, video and project, but late last night something suddenly occurred to me. It was a strange and ominous feeling to realize that I had re-posted this song almost simultaneously as the terrorist attacks in Paris were unfolding. Strange, because the song, which is inspired by a true story about children in a South African orphanage, is a call for unity, peace and non-violence.

The horrific scenes in Paris suddenly gave me pause. Was I being too idealistic here? What would I be thinking or feeling if a friend of mine had been killed? Could I sing this song in good faith, never mind good taste, to people in Paris? All of a sudden I was feeling very uncomfortable.

How easy it is to write, say, sing or preach, but how much more difficult to live those ideals out day to day. To walk the walk. While I certainly thought seriously about the content of the song when I wrote it, I needed to think it through again. My conscience asked this of me. Anyone who listens to my music deserves this from me as well. On my morning walk, I began to revisit some principles and continued to think about them throughout the day as I worked outside in the yard.

It goes without saying, my song and project mean nothing compared to the tragic events in Paris, so I hesitate to even mention them in the same post. But the timing of my post and the tragedy did create a strange scenario that I felt compelled to address.

There are several recurring metaphors and themes in my project and I have given them much thought over a long period—many years. But sometimes events can blur your vision, shake your foundation and put you under the spotlight of the devil's advocate. Likewise, not experiencing certain things in life as other have, can cloud your thinking. There is no substitute for experience, as the saying goes. So I did some reflecting on this song and my project.